Rental Prices

Jetski Ride 20 Minutes


Experience the thrill of the sea by renting one of our Jet-skis for either 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour.

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Kayak 1 Hour


A unique and exciting way to experience the Maltese Islands with your friends and family and see the southern coast.

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Paddle Boat 1 Hour


Paddle boat rentals are the perfect combination of leisure and exercise. Each boat can take up to 5 people.

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SUP 1 Hour


Hop onto our SUP board and paddle along the St Thomas Bay sceneray. Explore Munxar Window sea cave across the bay.

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We have everything you want and need to make your summer experience safe & comfortable!

All the watersports are guaranteed to be safe, and our instructors are always ready to help in case of any danger or emergency.

Leave your worries behind and chill

We provide amazing experiences and create safe adventures for you at the same time. Active and passive leisure alternatives are available.

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